Friday, May 15, 2009

My Blog experience

I have had many experiences with stereotypes in this blog most of them have been about us in Mccool and do not many have been about New York. The stereotypes are mostly about rednecks here and stuck up people over there. The rural and urban differences are great we are rural here and they are urban there well well obviously. I met alot of new people with this website and all of them good. I'd like to meet some more people over there in New York. You guys over in Ny probably have different perspectives than us here and i would like to know what they are. The writing was boring but the outcome was entertaining.

Blogger Experiences

What I think of stereotypes after blogging is that I do not believe all of what I hear. I used to believe some of the things, and now with talking with kids from New York I think that kids from New York are no different than kids from Nebraska. I think that Rural areas and Urban areas are about the same except that rural areas have less people and urban areas have many more people. After doing the blogger I still think that I would live in a rural area because I like to know everybody in the area. What I thought of meeting new people on the blogger is that it was cool to learn how people from other areas act and how they are at writing. I also liked the way that I was able to see other peoples perspectives from other areas. After doing the blogger I was able to notice that my writing has changed alot from when I started.

The Life Of The Blog!

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I found out that not all stereotypes are true about people. Just because we are from different places. Stereotypes make you stop and think if most stereotypes are true. Stereotypes are easier to know about people in high school.
In my opinion I think urban would be better just because there are more activities and jobs. It would be much easier for teens to get jobs. I also love living in Rural towns just because you get to know everyone. People are much more friendly then people in urban place. Meeting new people was more of a new thing for me. I use to be a shy person when i talk to people but now i know i don't have to be so shy because i know someone will like who i am. Writing has became much easier for me now that i know people out there are actually reading it and liking what i write now I'm not so paranoid about what I write and what people will think about my papers. Writing is much easier knowing people like my papers.

My Amazing Experience

There were a lot of stereotypes that went back and forth between our two towns. Such as, we thought you guys were stuck up and found out you guys were not and found out that you guys are the same as us. You guys probably thought we were rednecks and that is true to an extent.
Rural and Urban was another great part about this past semester. When we talked about our own towns it seemed like we were mostly on the same page and we do mostly the same thing when it comes to teenagers that is. When you guys put up where I'm from poems I could picture all the things you guys said.
Meeting new people was the best part about this experience. I love meeting new people and I love meeting you guys. You guys have changed my thought of everything and I was very happy to meet you guys.
Writing changed me because I knew that you guys were watching and reading everything I wrote. Now that I have an audience I wrote my best and I just wanted everything to be the best but also be myself. You guys also helped me get all my thoughts out and help me with everything I needed help with. You guys have made me open my mind up and get everything out. Thank you guys so much for everything you guys have done for me.

My Experiance

What i think about stereotypes well i think that some of them are not true.Like the ones that people say about big cities, like they there are all stuck up and i do not think that is true at all. And the stereotypes that people think about small towns are some what true. and some what not true. Like when people say we are hicks i don't really think that is true. From what i hear about rural and urban areas well i think that they have some of the same things that we have. Like we have everybody knows everybody by just looking at them or by telling what their personality's are some times they are the same as ours and some times they are not. My writing has changed a tone since we have been exchanging writing on the blog. I have been doing a lot better with my writing. Like i get comments on how i should write the next piece or how i should fix my piece and that is really help full.


My Experience

My view is really different about people in New York since I talked to them. I know not all people in New York are stuck-up and rich and many students are just like me. I have benefited from this project in many ways. I think I don't judge people as much now and my writing has really changed. I have seen so many writers on the blog with so much potential that I strive to be like them. I have thought more about being rural and urban and even though we live in different environments we are the same in many ways. I noticed some people talk about going to the river and I go to the river and swim all the time. My writing is more detailed and organized since the blog. I have seen how other people write and they inspire me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Am From

I am from heaven up above
I am from the 8th floor in NYC
I am from across the street from the bodega.

I am from "When We Get Married" and "Gypsy Woman"
I am from salsa & merengue
I am from beautiful women & gallant men.

I am from the energy that flows within
I am from Sunday school to Youth group at church
I am from we love Him because He first loved us.

I am from scoldings & lectures
I am from wisdom & strength
I am from everything pure & lovely.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


i am from
the little yellow house
the teaching of my siblings
a big family with love

i am from
the city that my parents grew up in
the place were i feel at home
the house that ive know to love

i am from
the golf course were every shot counts
the pool were every stroke counts
my childhood were every memory counts

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Am...

I am from the gray house on Townsend st
I am from the yellow tulips
I am from the soccer cleats on the front porch

I am from the cookie batter in the kitchen
I am from NCIS and AIM
I am from the new paint in my room

I am from basketball and soccer
I am from the pink razor cell phone
I am from the big brick school called Beacon High School

I am from the big family that I don't know what I'd do without
I am from my brother and sister who I am so much alike
I am from my grandparents who love to spoil

But most of all I am from parents who provide me with much love!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

':.-.:' where im from ':.-.:' by zesha ♥

I am from the rainbow in the sky
The wind that moves so far so fast
From the clouds that hover way up high
The remembrance of humans' past

I am from the grass down there on the ground
The flowers that grow so tall
From the beat of nature's sound
A bird in it's nest shouting out in call

I am from the trails in the woods
The creatures that climb and or crawl
From the place that many others have stood
The color of leaves when they fall

I am from pride in humans' eyes
The animals out in the wilderness
From the hunters out there in disguise
The orange peel and it's bitterness

I am from many places many others have been
Many settings where many others will be
From the colors and shapes many others have seen
Many people and objects many others will see

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am from ____

I am from a true life,
that has it's situations that must be faced.
I am from a family,
that I share love and memories with.
Sharing memories that can be talked about for years.

I am from beats from my favorite harmonies,
every time I hear the beat drop I vision myself in the song.
I am from New York, the city that never sleeps, the city
that has it's light that shines it up,
the city where dreams can come true.

I am from a group of amazing friends [TC],
sitting at a coffee house for hours having long talks,
creating memories that will last forever,
having that one song that we all love, sing and cherish,
sitting around bonfires and laughing every second of the time
but most of all loving each other through thick and thin.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Am From

I am from hugs, kisses and lots of love.
I am from the BIG white house on the hill
I am from the tulips, and the lilies
I am from scholars and Fashionistas
From Susan,John and Pammy
I am from asthma pumps and allergy medicine
From "look both ways before you cross the street" and "no you can not trade your brother for a sister"
I am from i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
I am from right here
Chocolate chip cookies and milk
From hats, purses, and lots of high heels
I'm from pageant princesses and Marines
From Big Mouths and Know-it-alls
From straight teeth and eyeglasses
I'm from Dreams that become a reality
each and everyday
I'm from the shelves with the photo albums
that stop time
and allow me to re-live the most precious moments in my life


My House Summed Up

I am from Mountain Dew cans
from cell phones and ipods.
I am from the paper plates
(the food still sitting on it
smelling like a dead rotting animal)
I am from the pine trees dropping
the pine cones.

I am from turkey and pumkin pie.
from John and Seth
I'm from the video game addicts
and the just plain dumb people.
I'm from get off the xbox john
jumping on the trampoline
and teenagers riding around on lawn mowers.

I am from Scott and Cathy
I'm from mashed potatoes and chocolate pretzels.
I am from the time John hit his head on a brick
at the church,
and the time John hit his head on the tractor weights
while riding a bike.
I'm from the the cupboards
where there are old pictures which tell the story of my life
a gathering of old times
and stories that I can't remember

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who Am I?

I am from my mother's heart
That beat for her family
That held on as long as it could,
Letting go when she knew we were ready.
I am from my father's inquisitiveness
His need to know more and to ask questions

I am everything and nothing, all in one
I walk and I dream
I live to make a difference
And to show the world what is right

I am from the artist that compel me to try
I am the Mona Lisa and the work of Jackson Polic
I am beautiful and I and scattered
I am from my father's old guitar
And from the music it produces
I am from the smell of fresh pies through the windows
And the healing powers of the words
Uttered sweetly from caring friends.

But mainly,
I am from the lessons learned
And the obstacles overcome.
The mountains climbed
And the rivers rafted.
I am everything and nothing all in one.

~Kaelyn Wood

Where I'm From

I am from the sunny afternoons
the long worn out days spent outside
I'm from the swirls of the wind
as it comes back again
I'm from paper and work
fitting like the bricks in the wall

I am from the nightly city
where people don't want to sleep
I'm from the locked doors
trapping my progress
I'm from videogames and fun
growing from within
like the roots of a tree

I'm from the sweating vigor
needed to rest in summer
I'm from toys and pictures
dangling together in the ocean of ruin
I'm from notebooks and checks
scattered in pandemonium
the anarchy of my house


I am from a loving family, who keeps
my life filled with steeple events.
A house that is always filled with chaos,
playing classical music, broaden with books.
Pictures on the walls, showing each memory.
I'm from a mother who loves to cook and a father
who is a wishful thinker.

I am from a group of the best friends(TC)
of non stop laughter.
I am from berserk mindful
nights of bonfires
to long walks. From a best
friend, who gives great
advice who understands me completely.
To a boy who can always
make my worst days turn to my best.

I am from every tear drop, every smile,
every emotion possible.
I've come to the conclusion that my life
is more than just a story its a mere fraction
of what i and everyone can be.
I am from each broadway show, each movie ever seen
every song ever listened too.
Where I am From

I’m from the green grass outside
From the rooms in my house
I’m from the dirt on the ground
I’m from the conversation that people have
I’m from people who play pitch at the get together

I’m from the people who think there stuff don’t stink
From the families that you don’t know you are related to you
Until they come to the family reunions
I’m from the Chris and Karen on my mom’s side
From the finger my uncle lost to the war
The eye my father got shingles and didn’t do anything for a week
The clothes under my bed

Spilling pop on the counter and my mom getting mad
Shift of lost animals and that go to the pound
Cold Chill across my face from the wind
I’m from these moments from past experiences
All the leafs that fell from the family tree
The augers that the family’s get into
The Dress box against my wall for clothes and things

By Joey.T

I Am From...

I am from model cars,
from toy cars and dump trucks.
I am from the trampoline
in the back yard.
I am from having cars
parked out front,
from the dogs in the back yard
whom bark all day long.

I am from sugary snacks and soda pop,
from grandma and grandpa.
I am from smartalics,
and rumor tellers.
I am from watching
television all day long.
I am from playing
playstation on the weekends.
I am from sitting on
the couch while I watch
my television.

I am from Dale and Betty’s branch,
ham, turkey, and potatoes.
I am from growing up with a dad
who almost lost two different fingers.
I am from having to watch my dad
put on glasses to read his newspaper.
I am from having family
get togethers that pack the house like
it is a teenage party on Friday night.
I am from always seeing pictures of
family members that will remind me
of the good times we always had.

Memories of where I'm from!

I am from the dirt,
The horses, and the cattle.
I am from the Rodeos,
The bronc riding and the bull riding.
Watching and learning so to do.

I am from the animal shelters,
Caring and loving all animals.
(Watching the animals play and fight
like little kids.)
I am from the life,
Living and watching.
Watching everybody play and laugh.

I am from the partying,
The having fun and game playing.
I am from the family get togethers,
The Christmas’s and Holidays.
A box contains many pictures,
Of anything from family fun,
To baby pictures, to games.
This is where I’m from.

Shelby W.
My “Where I’m From”
Preston S Hess

I am from seeds,
From water and sweat,
(Stalks, growing like many
Children sprouting)
Parents our providers,
I am from the busy, the hustling and running,
screaming and crying.
Family one coming one going,
New family member every two years.

I am from homemade pizza and crayons,
from Glenn and Cheryl.
I’m from the Smart cookies,
and the dumb doornails.
from working hard or hardly working.
I’m from rabbits who pop out kids faster
than the oven pops out burgers at Micky Ds.

I’m from Adelyn and Clifford’s farm
Pancakes and Tea.
From the ring finger my dad lost
to the auger.
The hair my dad is starting to lose
and the hair my grandpa has already lost.
In my closet is a big green tub full
of drawing and pictures.
Good friends that I haven’t seen in many years.
I am from those slivers in time
After all that’s happened,
I am proud of where I’m from.

Home is Where I'm Proud to Be

Home is where the ground glistens,
like a thousand diamonds.
Home is the rope swinging back and forth,
from a crooked tree.
Home is the bean field
engulfed in many houses.
Home is the pine tree in the neighbors yard,
which looks like porcupine thorns.

Home is the sweet chocolate taste of cherry mash,
that dissolves in my mouth.
Home is the cool, refreshing ice tea,
that quenches my thirst,
in the hot blistering heat.
Home is the fireplace hiding in the wall.
Sitting cozy by the fire
as cotton balls fall from the sky.
Home is the living room
looking like a forest
with all the plants,
leaves reaching out to grab you
as you walk by.

Home is where you don’t ask, “Why?”
You just do it.
Home is where you juggle
stories at the table,
such as putting frogs in my big wheel
and riding my pony.
Home is where mom yelps,
“Don’t take more than you can eat,”
even though the beef calls my name
Home is where Jerod wrestles with me,
and when things get rough he says,
“What ever comes around goes around.”
Home is where mom has to grab
the squirt bottle to break up me and Jerod’s fighting.
Home is Curt trying to make me laugh,
telling jokes and stories.
Home is playing catch phrase
at every family gathering.
Yelling, laughing, and having fun.

Home is where you find old pictures
in scrapbooks or in my old wooden box,
where every photo flashes a mental picture in my head
and tells a certain story.
Home is where certain things in our house
holds a special place in my heart.
Home is where Figero sprawls out in the sun,
making everyone step over him.

Home is where I’m proud to be;
growing up and spreading my wings,
learning and building relationships.

-J. Duffek

What I Look Like on Paper

I am from the guns and bows
Of a hunting tradition.
I am from the muddy water of Sack’s Lake,
Brown as if it were chocolate milk.
I am from the busy summers
And the slow winters of the lake.

I am from the red-skin and shattered ankles
From Rex and Cindy.
Who are from the,
Pettygrove and Trouten branch.
I am from the back roads,
To the city streets.

I am from the pictures
Stacked in the hope chest.
To the baby, and other albums.
I am from Nebraska,
I am from McCool Jct.

Lets make a memory

I am from a broken swing
A scar leaving the evidence
From the dirt paved driveway
To the cracked sidewalks
I am from the tall oak tree that casts shade over the entire yard

I am from the aroma of Paul mauls
Filling the air with smoke
From the sit down to the shut ups
To the get up and get out of our hair
I am from a worn out book that sits on the table
Showing us that he is with us

I am from the greased covered floor in the garage
The smell of gasoline
From the mud puddle in the back yard
To the puppy tracks running free
I am from a ran over stop sign
Flat like a pancake

I am from the fried chicken
Mashed potatoes
From the dent in the car
And the shattered glass
In a box on the shelf
Lies memories or a lifetime
Collecting dust like an old broken toy
Some unknown names
To some way to failure
I am from the flash off the camera taken
Just making another memory

Jessica cheek

My Deep Roots

I’m from hunting camo,
with guns and ammo in my closet.
I’m from Uncle Jeff’s picnic table,
memories stored in the wood like a picture
over long nights.
I’m from Fillin’ the freezer,
every deer season with tasty meat.
I’m from hanging deer,
from rafters in Jeff’s garage.
I’m from the cool morning,
the day of rifle season.
I’m from loving my family,
like a fat kid loves cake.

I’m from playing Dominoes,
all night Mexican Train game with Sam.
I’m from BSing all night,
with my family
about hunting and great times
I’m from crab legs once a year,
at my Aunt Jackie’s.
I’m from tractors,
In the yard.

I’m from BBQ and Beer cans,
going to the BVI on Friday.
I’m from playing with the dogs,
Maddie and Maggie hunting together.
I’m from porch sitting,
playing Rummy,
or watching the sunset
I’m from hunting stories,
modified to sound better.
I’m from Mustang Round-Up,
having fun with friends,
I’m from Dodge,
trucks and 4x4.
I’m from being an army brat,
to a country boy over the years.

These Moments

I am from toys scattered on the floor,
to stacks of blankets on the couch.
I am from bikes covered with mud.
(Brown, dried on mud, like to tires of an
old rusted truck)
I am from the big Pines with long branches
stretching towards the wide open sky.

I am from onion dip to cheesy peas.
From Uncle Mike's magic tricks,
to Darrell being too tall.
I am from the be goods and the but not too goods.
From the get-wells and cheer-ups.
I am from the Christmas programs
at church and the tinsel pieces left
in my hair.

I am from the hot afternoons at Dutch Kitchen,
to shouting Dutch Blitz during hot summer days.
I am from the Purple Hearts,
to the Flags on the shelves.
I am from the big box in my closet
filled with papers from first grade,
to pictures of my old dog Sadie.
I am from these moments.
My Generation

I’m from wrestling in the mornings
With my two older brothers.
I’m from my yard full of cans and bottles and
Anything Missy my dog can fit in her mouth.
I’m from wake up at five in the morning to
Work with my dad.

I’m from miles and miles of corn and bean
Ready to be picked by the rich farmers.
I’m from wrestling with friends at the grease pig
contest and taking a dip in the river after words.
I’m from Paul and LuAnn and two brothers
and one sisters.

I’m from hit the hay when my dad thinks
its time go to sleep.
I’m from turkey and mashed potatoes on
Every holiday.
I’m from dog hair all over dog
all over the house. (just like I laid down carpet)

I’m from playing pitch during the winter
Because its to cold to do anything outside
I’m from having all the baby pictures in
The corner of my parents closet.
I’m from a small school were everyone
Has high expectations for all the kids.

Jeremy Coffey

From where I am

I am from hangers,
From socks and shoes.
I am from the sand in our
Sandbox in the back yard.
I am from the stone fishing boy in the front lawn.
The pine tree,
Who's little pine cones remind
Me of my childhood.

I am from boxing gloves and war stories,
From Delmer and Virgil.
I'm from Saturday morning cartoons.
From Bug's Bunny my little pet goldfish,
Growing up as a child.
I am from Aunt Izzy's
Sweet potatoes as well as her lemon pie.

I'm from Charlie and Lucky,
My grandparent's dog.
From my brothers old car,
To my pimped out van.
I'm from my spare bedroom over flowing
With my mothers scrapbooks and photos.
I am from childhood stories that,
My grandmother tells.
I'm from those moments,
Burned into my mind and buried
Six feet under.

By: Wade O.

What I'm made of

I’m made of Marlboro lights,
Of gravel roads, and corn cribs,
I’m a chip off the old block.

I’m made of
Hard wood floors, (stained red like a cherry)
Dawn dish soap,
To cure my mothers OCD.

I’m made of,
You picking up what
I’m putting down,
With Jackson and Mason
Running round

I’m made of
IV Uncle Osborne,
And the book of world records.

I’m made of
Gluten free cookies,
Steak and potatoes.
I’m made of
Bonfires and
Overgrown ditches.

Last but not
I’m made of
Pam, Kevin, and
Straw packed barns.
Big hearts and little

Billy H.

My Life in a Poem

I am from the soft silky blanket
that lies on my bed.
I am from that little speck of dust
on the bookshelf.
I'm from the bird that is soaring through the air
like an airplane high in the sky.

I am from the rain coming down from the sky, like a wave in the ocean.
I'm from the frost that lies on the grass, glissining,
like a diamond.

I'm from the sparkles you see,
when the sun is shinning on it.
I'm from the old pictures you see,
On my grandmas wall.

I'm from the many different sounds I hear,
in my dreams.
I am from the lilac bush,
that sits beside my porch.
I am from the box of pictures,
spilling with old faces.

I am from the shimmering sunlight
That beats down on the ground.
I am from the mist coming from the
Ocean waves.

I am from the long limbs on that
hundred year old tree that still stands.
I am from the star that shines bright in the sky.
I am from the leaves that are falling from the tree.
I am from the morning dew that's lying on the grass.


The Life Of Me!

I am from the dust in the wind.
I am from the rain that slowly goes tip tap,
On the window then splats on the ground,
Going into little drops running down,
The road to a low level dip.
I'm from the blooming bud of a flower.
I am from the old hard dirt,
That has been built and blown away,
Like a bird in a whirling storm.

I am from the smell of my grandmas Banana Nut Bread.
The fresh baked cookies,
That my mom makes.
I'm from the shooting of the Korean War,
That my grandpa fought in before dying.
From the cause of my dads asthma,
Closing his lungs.
The slowly and painful failing,
Heart of my sister.

I am from the present,
But came from a line in the past.
I'm from the memories kept,
In black and white pictures,
But color shows more emotion.
I am from the antique memories,
That are kept in our family tree.
I am from the blistering pain of my mom.
I am from my family history,

What I Call Home

The animal fur all over
The ground where the animals
Have roamed. Cigarette buds
In the ashtrays.
I call home where the pine
Needles fall, and the dust rolls on by.
Where my sandpit sits
With weeds all over.
I call home where vehicles
Drive by nonstop, and pine trees grow.
Where fields cover most of the land.
I call home where houses are
Moved from 1908 to now
By the Hornbacher's.
From taking more than a week
Until now taking about a week.
Where Jan is stitching up many
Different items.
Where Catie comes home every
Other weekend.
I call home where it's CSI,
Law & Order, and UFC fighting.
I call home where sandwiches
And salads bring the full family
Together. I call home where Keiko
And Angel are together acting
Like family. The Wii, computer, and
Other game systems and family
Activities bring all of us together.
Surgery stories are mainly told by
My grandparents and myself
Learning from what they used to do
To what they do now.
Pictures from back in the day
(while my dad was a kid)
And pictures today showing
The great times.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

where i'm from :)

I am from pencil shavings,
from crayons and scented vacuum bags.
I am from the smell of an old book, and the sound it makes when being opened after a long time.
I am from the holly bushes and the big tree that leans over my house to look in on us.

I am from the homemade chocolate chip cookies
and notebook doodles. From old-school
rap and R&B.
I am from the jokes and the side-splitting laughs,
the music and the culture.
I am from "Easy Like Sunday Morning" blasted loud while my father cooks,
the smell of country biscuits at one relatives house, and spaghetti and meatballs at another.

I am from the days spent watching The Cosby Show,
the snow days and hot chocolate.
From my father's mannerisms, and my mother's strong values.
In my mind swirling are the times spent reminscing,
and the memories soon to come.
I am from the smells, the sounds, and the tastes.
In myself, i see how cultures that once clashed, now combine.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


There are a lot of sterotypes about New Yorkers. Some people think that we have lower morals or standards and that we live a very fast paced lifestyle. Yes, i'd say both of these are true. Am i proud of these sterotypes? For the most part, I am. I love living a very fast and busy lifestyle. I'm never bored and always have something on my schedule to do. Am i proud of having lower standards? Yes and no. I think that its better to live a little more freely than other people would. But to a certain point these standards are too low and thats when my proudness stops. Sometimes when standards are set too low it becomes trashy and that's not something to be proud about. But for the most part, I love being a New Yorker and am proud of what people say about us.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I can honestly say that not many of the stereotypes that can be made about life here in Beacon apply to me. I'm not certain which ones have been made but judging on what has bee said, I can almost guarentee you that they are not of my personality or life style.

I can't go a day without having some connection to the outdoors and I have been that way since birth. I love going on hikes and the number of which I have been on is not countable. I love camping and caving and I have been doing both since before my birth. I have been to almost every state in the U.S and I can honestly say that in each state I have visited I have gone on at least one hike or caping trip. I will honestly state that I enjoy the feeling of the warm groud beneath my bare feet in the summer and that I prefer to rock climb barefoot rather than with climbing shoes on. I love the outdoors and don't know what I'd do without it. I shoot shotguns and rifles, I own multiple bows and many arrows to go along with them, I love target shooting but I don't hunt.

I also love to go out with my friends and hand out at the mall, I love going to the movies with my boyfriend and letting him take me to dinner. I like shopping and buying new things with my aunts; who love to take me out since my mom passed over winter break. I go out bowling with my friends and eat bowling alley french fries.

I'm sure that the stereotypical response to people in the midwest being rednecks may apply to some people simply because I have been in and around the midwest for the entirety of my life. But I'm also certain that the stereotypes that have been formed about Beacon apply to some of the people who live here.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Honestly, in my opinion, stereotypes are really just facts about a small percentage of a general group that has been overly exaggerated and used to [sometimes harmfully] describe a whole group instead of the small percentage of people the original fact pertained to.
Unfortunately, this tends to have a negative effect on both a group of individuals as a whole as well as the people who use this. It can also create unnecessary tensions.
I do not think that Nebraska is a state soley populated with rednecks. I'm sure that there are people like that in Nebraska, but I have seen people like that who live in New York also!
That also kinda helps me elaborate on my next point. I don't think that New York is filled with rude, obnoxious individuals. However, I do agree that coming across people like that is more common in places like New York City. I also think that there is a boundary that distinguishes pride from being stuck up. I am proud of my state along with my peers, as well as you guys are in Nebraska. And I think that it's a great thing to be proud of where you live. I don't think that all of New York is engulfed in an impatient atmosphere, and i do acknowledge the fact that it is more fast-paced than Nebraska. Also, I see that Nebraska tends to have a more relaxed, easy-going lifestyle, and to me that seems very enjoyable. I feel that the only pro's and con's about living in either state is only determined by each person and their likes and dislikes. I also feel that understanding and respect is the hammer that can shatter the glass wall that stereotypes have formed between us. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New York Stereotypes

Even though being in New York does put one into a generic category of being fast-paced, uninterested in outdoor activities, and having a busy life without time for social congregations, this is not entirely accurate. Perhaps some exceptions might fill into these descriptions. And also there are indeed skyscrapers down in the city but this allows a populous location to have a rather lower surface area which requires some more elaborate architecture. Because living in the city means a pretty rigorous and intense life, many people do not have the time to stop and discuss about tenuous events. The more people that there are in a given place the more peculiarities will come with it, it would be expected for the city to have aggressive parts that others are not accustomed to. Also people tend to form their own familiar group and some of those cannot avoid gossip. Some of these groups eventually evolve into gangs, only due to how they are raised without the average parental care or other limiting factors, it is not their fault. Those that hide in their office all day have no other option, to keep up with the growing prices and to stay employed, they have to sacrifice valuable time that could be used to spend time with family members or friends. The employers don't really care about how many things you have to do outside of work, if you don't maintain proper orientation and be an exceptional worker, there are many others that are willing to take your job. Therefore city workers tend to be more fast-paced because instilled in their nature is the fear of unemployment. It's not like theres another subspecies of humanity that prefers to remain indoors, it just so happens that more work is done without staying outdoors, resulting in the misconception about those that don't like recreational activities. These reasons do make New York a highly productive and viable state, which is something to take pride in. The process might not be so ideal but it is more of the outcome that affects the future.

New Yorkers Sterotypes

If your from Nebraska many may call you guys rednecks and many call us New Yorkers stuck up, rude, or that we think that we are the best. Some stereotypes may be true but others not so much. Many of us do think that we are the best, it's sounds rude (another stereotype) but it's true. I'm not trying to start a civil war here but I'm just telling you what I see and hear. To tell you the truth, I'm proud that we think that we are the best. I'm not saying Nebraska is bad nor better but again, this is just a simple stereotype. Another stereotype that many have against us is that we are stuck up. I don't know how to put this is words but I don't understand the fact how we are stuck up. Maybe by me writing that we think we are the best can show that we are stuck up I guess. All I can say is the truth and that not all stereotypes are FACTS.ya dig?!?[TC]


New York: Stereotypes

People assume many different things about people from New York, such as we have no morals, were fast paced or stuck up. Of course in every state your going to find someone like that. Just because we live in a state with such a well known City, doesn't mean were all "gangsters" or "steal things", any where you go and there is a big City there is going to be higher crime rates or gangs. New York isn't all sky scrapers or streets filled with cars, we have some of the most beautiful scenery. Once you head upstate, there are gorgeous lakes and mountains and just space to be roam. I agree a lot of us are fast paced, but were use to that. We like to get things done and not wait around until we feel like getting them accomplished. We are a state of work and class. I am probably the most impatient person, but i don't mind that because it motivates me. I have plenty of morals and i am not stuck up. Even in Beacon, its not the nicest town to live in but we have lots of positive things to look forward to, we have a great high school with lots of school spirit, great art gallery's and antique shops as well as coffee shops and were only an hour away from a great city. Of course every state is going to have stereotypes and beliefs but I'm willing to not judge a place before i visit.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hi and Thank You So Much

Now that we are settling back into the swing of things after our spring break, I'd like to take a moment and say thanks so much to everyone for making my trip to McCool Junction last week so wonderful. Everything I did and saw far exceeded the high hopes I had for my trip- no small feat indeed. You should know that my students were eager to learn about all I experienced, and I was thrilled to let them know about everything I saw and did (even the tornado drill! :)). As my students will tell you, there were many things about you, your school, and your town which greatly impressed me, and you should know that I spoke with them at length in regards to your incredidbly welcoming attitude and your abililty to make an outsider such as myself feel such a part of your community.

What I will take away most from my visit, though, was the tremendous pride you exhibit in all you do. I have had the good luck to have travelled around much of our country, and never have I witnessed such pride and such togetherness- never. I was actually more than impressed; I was actually overwhelmed. What a wonderful thing it must be to be a part of.

So, as we continue our journey together, please know that the memories of my trip will always be with me, and I know they will make our work that much more special. Thank you once again for all you did, and I look forward to seeing how much more we can learn about each other.

Mr. Balch


The stereotype that i think isn't entirely true about people who live in NY is that were all just desk workers and all we do is make money and spend it. NY is more than just cities with skyscrapers and factories with smoke stacks. There is a lot of outdoor stuff to do in NY like sports. NY has the appellation mountains/ catskills, the great lakes/ finger lakes but yes we do have NYC with skyscrapers and people who are stuck in an office all day and dont ever leave the city to do outdoor activities.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why do they call us rednecks?

I love to feel mud between my toes, the smell of fish, and the wind racing through my hair while riding my horse. Just because I love the outdoors does not necessarily mean I am a redneck. I may do goofy things such as get stuck in the mud with my 4-wheeler or go swimming in the river but that does not mean that I am not smart in school and have less chance of going to college. It’s the feeling of becoming one with nature that makes me want more of the outdoors. People have to experience the feeling to actually know what it is like. The outdoors is a place for me to listen to the sounds of deer sneaking through the forest, wild turkeys gobbling, the ghostly sounds of an owl, fish splashing, and just the wind softly moving the leaves. Is this why people think I am a redneck, just because I am addicted to nature? I am proud of who I am and what I have. Not many people can go outside and a couple feet from their house is the blue river. People might say or think we have buckteeth, hay sticking out of our mouths, overalls, or “Corn Fed.” Yes, I eat corn but I do not have weird looking teeth and do not own a pair of overalls. I may chew on a piece of hay once in a while just to look cool. My whole point to get across is that I am proud of who I am and I won’t change. I might act like a redneck but that doesn’t mean I can’t put on a dress and receive good grades. We live in different backgrounds but, we should be thankful for what we have.

My stereotype!

There are many stereotypes that are true about me. Most of the stereotypes are true. One stereotype people have about me is that I’m stuck up and yes I can be I don’t talk to people who don’t talk to me first, if people annoy me I just ignore them. Most of the time I’m the one who is the quiet one in class. I’m really a city girl who doesn’t like to get mud in my nails but if its for a good reason then I guess I'll live with mud in my nails that’s why most people think of me as a city girl but its true I am. I’m not like most of my classmates but were all different.
I’m really actually proud of all my stereotypes because its just who I am. People can make many stereotypes about me but it's who I will always be. People only have stereotypes because that’s how they remember you.

StErEo TyPeS about me myself and I

Some stereotypes about me that are actually true would probably have to be that since I live in Nebraska I've probably lived on farm well that is true I have lived on a farm for like 1 year the others would have to be that you probably think that everyone in Nebraska likes country music well I do and i'm proud that’s about all the stereotypes I can think of after I moved off the farm we went into a bigger city's and haven’t had much to do with any farming or hunting or much stuff like that. Since

The Stereotypical Me

Some stereotypes about me are that I that I go hunting, farm, learned to drive at an early age, and know everybody in the community. The hunting stereotype is definitely true I hunt a lot. Sometimes for deer, rabbits, coons, or quail. My dad is a farmer so I pretty much have to farm also. I’m not just going to sit around all summer when there is work that needs to be done. Because my dad is a farmer I learned to drive at a very early age. One of my earlier memories is of me driving the pickup while hauling the pipe trailer while dad lifted the pipe onto it. I do know most of the people in the community but some just aren’t very active in the community so I don’t get to know them quite as well.


Whats true, and are you proud of it?

Honestly the stereotypes around here, at my school, I think a few may be true. Although, the stereotypes that you’re school might have about me I think some of them may be true. Such as, how I act or talk, anything in that nature. A few stereotypes about me that I might be proud of is I know I’m not the nicest person in the world at all times, but I’m happy about that. I know that most likely sounds weird to anyone but me, but I like the way I act sometimes. People need tough love from friends, and I’m not afraid to tell someone the truth or what my opinion is on something.

Shelby W.

Stereotypes true?

I'm pretty sure that all of your stereotypes about us being "rednecks" and "hicks" are true. Rednecks and Hicks get stereotypes because of the famous Larry the Cable Guy. But most of us aren't like that. We do lots of stuff that might make these stereotypes true like hunting. I hunt almost anything from deer to raccoons. I am very proud to be a hunter also. It does bring out stereotypes like being hicks that hunt. Hunting to me is more than just killing animals for fun but more for money and food at which deer tastes very good and is much more healthy for you.
Also the stereotypes that we all drive trucks is also true for most of the boys. Here in Nebraska I need a truck to get me places I want to go. I am also in the process of buying my own Mud Terrain tires. That is my favorite object I have it gets 8 mpg but I love it. So I'm pretty sure all of your stereotypes about us are true for me. I'm proud of all these stereotypes.

my stereotypes

I believe that the true stereotypes about is, that I attend a smaller school, I am a working teenager, and a young driver. I am born of farmers. I know almost everybody. The things I am proud of are that everybody is known by alot of people. We also have big 4 wheel drive trucks. That there is less traffic.


we can all be hicks there is less traffic in and no one is in a big of a hurry. I do work and I am a teen so I guess I could be a working teen. I will be driving a old vehicle. Most of my standard are high. Most of the people here hunt I don't but i would like to try it someday. You might think school is easier sometimes it can be but most of the time its not. majority of the People live on a farm I would love to be on a farm but right now I live in the city. The things that true is we are hicks and drive trucks.

by Joey.T


I feel that most of the stereotypes that people think about kids that live in a small school are true to some extent. We have big trucks with lift kits but we like big trucks they may not be economical but they are sweet and they would be in use almost everyday. We also have fun by going coon hunting and anything were you can be out with your friends. I think not all stereotypes are true like we live in huts and we wake up at four in the morning to go work with the cattle or hogs. I am happy that i live in a small town.

Redneck Stereotype Myth Busted

Some stereotypes about us are true. Most actually are true, but that don't make us bad or dumb. People in the mid-west are kind of like mullets, business in the front party in the back. But thats what shapes who we are. The stereotype that we are a rednecks is true! But we can still become something in life. There is a huge definition of redneck and everyone falls into it somewhere. I'm also proud to be a redneck. I like to hunt, fish, trap, go muddin and all of these fall under redneck in some way or another. Some might argue about fishing falling under redneck, but it's how you fish that determines it. If you fish with a rod and reel then its not so redneck. But if you stick you hand into a hole in the river bank with a 10 lb. catfish in the hole and you let it bite your hand to you can pull it out, wel then thats redneck.
So in conclution, there is my explnation of one of our stereotypes. Being a redneck isn't a bad title, it's bragging rights. It a way of life, and I couldn't imagine a better one that suits my needs.